JBC Hull deck creation

Good day

I have downloaded Rhino 7 and is trying to prepare a hull for CFD simulations. However I have some issues using Rhino 7 to create a enclosed deck for it using loft

Any good suggestions will be welcome as I am still new to this software

use Cap, when the opening is planar. otherwise you would have to use patch.

why not Rhino 8?

Thank you

Patching works and created a deck!


I know this has been solved with respect to CFD simulation and congratulations on being able to proceed.

However, in the more general sense, boats, as opposed to ships, have cambered decks, which are more suited to lofted surfaces.

One solution in these cases is to loft the upper edge of the hull such that it is slightly higher than the designed sheer and to loft the deck such that is wider than the hull. You can then trim each to the other and join them to form a solid, if that is your aim.

Just my $0.02.