Hull making in Rhino...Loft not fitting along curvature of hull

I m making Surface of my hull by Loft command(Because it creates mimimum control points) and i have to export it in maxsurf later…But by using Loft command i cant exactly get the same curvature as that of hull sketch, as can be seen from photos, bottom and top part of loft surface struggling to get fit along the curvature of Hul…so please let me know if any command there by which i can fit this loft surface along hull edges or hull curvature.
And one more question…is it is good to make my hull by multiple number of loft surfaces for hull, instead of just making it by one surface???bottom%20gap gap%202


Pictures don’t tell us all that much - you’ll need to post a 3dm file.
Also, why are you including the rhinocommon tag in your post? Are you developing a program to surface hulls?

The surfaces in your images appear to be flat planes. How are you creating those using Loft? Which options in Loft are you using?


You cannot start modeling boats if you don’t even know the basics of Rhino. Please start from there.