It's 2020, everything is fast or realtime, yet we still need postprocess vignetting?

hi RMA team,

This is been discussed to nauseum, and I still keep seeing this problem as a huge and tedious time suck to our process.

It’s time Rhino viewports and rendering options have a built it vignette feature.

I’m talking about solving this problem that hunts every single presentation or slide deck we make for a client:

example on that thread by @CountryGolden:

I propose adding this feature to the safe frame panel. Currently you are ‘talking about safe frames’ it’s time to make a tool that actually produces safe frames.

So here:

we should have an option for either transparent (render engine or viewport display pipeline will NOT write pixels within this area). or RGB color pixel area. this of course needs to be feathered, so you are fading RGB or you are fading transparency to reach total transparency or total RGB.

I propose we add two values to ‘Frames’:

Vignetting area start (with a feathering toggle)

Vignetting area end (only enabled with the feathering toggle is turned on)

Let’s do this!



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