Iterative voronoi or “bone” scripts (and FEA)?

anyone know anything about “iterative voronoi” or “bone” type scripts? i have been reading through some documentation i saved about this from about five or six years ago and i would like to get back into it.

i am thinking to do something like take a square and “tessellate” the interior with - say 100 varieties of voronoi (or similar) patterns. then i would pick the best based upon a visual inspection or an FEA analysis (or both).

then i would like to do the same but to have it have a more “biomorphic” 3D spatial aspect to the object (like a square shaped plan view section of bone type material).

anyone can pick up what i am putting down? anyone got links? any GH forums i should join? anyone got examples? anyone able to do some small contract jobs for this kind of thing?

Do you have a image or example you can show. I am trying to visualize exactly what the goal is.

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hi david,

thanks very much for the reply here. i really appreciate it. so i would LOVE any insight you can bring to the topic. i’ve been trying to organize things to reply coherently here.

it seems like the last time i dipped into this stuff i had a couple of voronoi commands and then developed some half finished scripts that were not so satisfying and that i did not develop any further.

so basically i have some old scripts i plan to have someone to help me finish. but it would be good to see if there are better alternatives out there. and also it would be GREAT to know what else is possible “off the shelf” these days!

terms i have run across in trying to research this recently are pointset reconstruction (pretty much the only term i had initially…), particle simulation, organic spaceframe, parametric joinery, and evolutionary FEA.

short version:
the goal initially is to A. basically “translate” a linear grid for a motorcycle headlight protector (it is plastic and screws on) into something more organic and sexy. so no real input data except an existing horizontal and vertical grid with some spacing for each. i’d like to make this more organic and basically cool. B. to do this for a box (to carry things in) but do run it through some kind of FEA so it is actually determining a kind of least volume of material for maximum structural support.

long version:
i include imagery from a “BONE JOINT” script i developed with someone that was to accommodate curved or straight “pipes” based on a set of lines. it was not so satisfactory for reasons we never finalized. then there is sort of what i guess would be called a “PARTICLE SIMULATION” also generated based upon input curves. also not so satisfactory. additionally an image from a sort of well known “magic chair” by GRCIC. i’d like to be able to run some input curves through a script that would do this.

ALSO, a brief survey of GH plugins so far yielded “Dendro” which i will look into here shortly.


jonathanGRCIC_magic chair_GRCIC