Help needed! ((Multi level voronoi / Corrosive, acid effect))

Hi there folks,
I came here as a last resort to find someone who could help with this one.

I want to create something like this ((Images attached)) I think it’s like a multi layers voronoi including the use of cocoon.

That gradient and merge at the end with a smooth surface is what I’m looking for, it’s like the inside has been dissolved or was hit with a corrosive liquid or acid.

If there is a grasshopper file that can help me understand this better it would be much appreciated!

Since I think credits are important:
The first two images you posted are pieces done by Michael Kukla ( and he did them by hand, no computational design, no cnc.

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Wow, actually modeling something? What an idea!


Hi zaki,

have a look a wooly paths and this thread.

also this seems close to what you are trying to do



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And this


Hi Konrad,
Thank you so much, that was helpful indeed.

Will post photos of the progress soon.

Mr Laurent,
Thank you so much, you have been a huge inspiration and a great help during the time I as learning grasshopper.

Thank you for your help alongside your non stop kindness, and spreading knowledge.

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