Extrude curve until surface in Grasshopper by lofting

Hi there. I’m trying to make a spoon, file is attached. I have successfully made the cup using pufferfish and part of the handle, what is left is the part that goes from the handle to the cup. What I have tried to do is project the curve that created the handle onto the outside surface of the handle, thus creating a second curve then lofting between the two. But there is no loft to be seen, even though show preview is on. What am I doing wrong?

GH spoon 5.gh (19.6 KB)

GH spoon 5_re.gh (25.4 KB)

BTW, regarding your “Loft” problem, Just try to “Flatten” the ‘C’ input of Loft.

Amazing, thank you very much! I always forget about flattening lists :sweat_smile: