LeapMotion and Rhino

Darn your newsmails and my spontanious behaviour, I am now the proud owner of a LeapMotion device… It’s just been shipped :smile:

I look forward to play with this together with Grasshopper, even though I have no idea about what I am going to use it for…

Now the grand question: I want to make a navigation plugin for this thing for Rhino, will you make a library for it in the future? Or how can I do so? Will grasshopper be the way to go? Or will Python give me the freedom I need?

@jeff The LeapMotion together with the Oculus Rift should have one incredible combo potential as the user don’t need to memorize the keyboard location.


It seems that the latest update of Firefly for Grasshopper by Andy Payne has a Leap Motion component. Here is Daniel Piker using the component with his Kangaroo physics engine. Should get you started, I’m sure Andy also wouldn’t mind explaining more about how he built his implementation…

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See: https://github.com/mcneel/rhinoleapsamples

@dan can tell you more…

Nothing that interesting, yet. I’ve committed a very simple sample project to begin with…just to make the basics very clear. LeapSayHelloRhino simply connects to the the Leap Motion device on a background thread and sends message to the Rhino command line. The OnFrame method on the SimpleLeapListener class is where the action is.

Thanks, I got the device yesterday, installed the windows 8 ui control app and it shows quite the potential.