Issues with InCurve component on compute

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Hello guys,

I think I just found a small issue in compute that I think might be important to acknowledge if it really is a bug and not just user error on my side. So I got an Error saying

Data conversion failed from Surface to Curve: component “InCurve”.

So the problem was that I had plugged the surface straight into the Curve input of the PointInCurve component. The reason why I think this might be a bug is that this works perfectly fine in Grasshopper desktop since it automatically uses the boundary curve of the Surface, but it seems to not do this automatically in compute.

The Error itself is really easy to fix (just like I have done in the image below), but I was thinking that there might be similar “casting” errors in other components as well if there is a discrepancy for how Rhino compute and desktop deals with this.


Thanks; I’ll try to repeat this today

Ok, great! Just write if you have problems recreating it and I can share some of the code.

I’m going to need some help as the sample I wrote appears to be working. (4.0 KB)


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Hello Steve!

Sorry for my slow response. The thing is that we’re using a few components that we’ve written ourselves so it’s not easy to upload the script that we used to get the errors since it would require all the .dlls as well. When I tried your definition it worked well for me, so I suppose it was just something weird going on with my brep faces that caused the error. Sorry to take your time with this but I really thought it was a compute error so I wanted to give a heads up.