Issues with Groups

Lets say I group objects and give those groups names. I have group1, group2, group3.

How do I see a list of groups or select by group name, or simply see the name of the group. All I can find is the ability to add or delete group names.

I’m not really referring to scripting but rather to general interface uses.

The list of all groups in a document is unfortunately not something to be had readily without scripting (unless I missed something).

Select by group name is accomplished with SelGroup (name).

If you have an object selected and you go into Properties>Details, you will see the group(s) it belongs to.


I wonder why nobody has written a set of scripts to manipulate groups?

I’m sure they have… :smile: What do you need?

I found what I was looking for. There is a “Select by group” object selector that shows all the available groups…so I am now able to find the named group.