Group Objects in Rhino 7 does not work

If I use the “group objects” command on more Objects it says in the “Object Properties - Type” the Geometries are grouped.
If I try to select the group then it selects just the one Element as if there was no group
This happens just in Rhino 7.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Also Groups which were created in Rhino 6 are not able to select in a whole in Rhino 7.
I guess the problem is the selection of the group

Can you post a file that exhibits this problem?

I reopened the File, now it works fine.
If it happens again I will Post the file.

Same problem here. Groups can become messed up somehow in a file. Probably when unintentionally grouping objects across other existing groups.
I used SelGroup to select all groups, the ungrouped them, then again, then again. Still two ‘orphaned’ groups remain, that do not contain anything.
Is there a way to purge out all groups?
Edit: Sorry - these two groups were on Layouts… tricky, since they do not contain anything in the 3d scene.
Very tricky to debug this scene. Will get back later.