Issues with Flow Along Surface for Flattening Insole


I’m trying to flatten the bottom of a shoe insole while bringing along the rest of the shoe insole. I squish the bottom surface and make sure u and v directions lineup between the original and the squished surface. I then flowalongsrf to bring the insole body from the original to the squished bottom surface (quadremesh the insole body to make it run faster).

It works, but isn’t accurate. As you can see in the image below, the bottom of the insole body doesn’t match the squished insole bottom surface. Any suggestions on how to get this working properly? I’m attaching a 3dm file.


Insole Flatten Via Flow Along Surface.3dm (7.4 MB)

Hi Sam - yes the UVs do not quite match on these surfaces-

Slightly skewed on the base surface, compared to the target.

What you can do is flow with History and adjust the corner point of the target surface to fine tune.

Insole Flatten Via Flow Along Surface_FineTune.3dm (6.9 MB)


Hi Pascal.

Fine tuning the control points with history works, but I’m trying to come up with an automated way of doing this. Is there some way to squish the start surface so that it is flattened with the UVs matching up? So then when I flowalongsrf from the start surface to the flattened surface I get the result I’m after directly?