Issues installing Lunchbox Plugin for Grasshopper


I am using rhino 6. after a serverupdate all the Grasshopper Plugins I had installed were gone. Now, I tryed to install Lunchbox again (I had no problems when I installed it for the first time) via File > special folders > components folder.
I put the lunchbox file in: App Data > Roaming> Grasshopper > libraries
(I remember the first time there were much more files in this folder compared to now.)

When trying to open the file via grasshopper it says “The file type is not supported by rhinoceros”

I also tryed to put the lunchbox file here:
programs > rhino 6 > plug-ins > grasshopper > components

but same result.

I hope you can help me with this issue.
Thanks so much!


Where are you getting gha’s for lunchbox from? It has had its own installer for awhile now that put the files where they should be automatically.

I downloaded it here:

after unpacking that’s what I got

It doesn’t seem to put the files in the right place automatically.

Use the version with an installer. (Read the download descriptions) seems you are downloading the zip version. With zip version All those files should go into the special folders > components folder, not just the green .gha’s (and also make sure you have unblocked them if they are blocked)

Ah I see, that was the problem!
Thanks a lot, Michael :slightly_smiling_face:

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