Lunchbox Plug-In Mac

I would like to ask for an advice, I tried to download the Plug-In Lunchbox on “Food4Rhino” and I have a Macbook. Every time I downloaded it, it came up with the “installer format”.


I dropped it in the folder I used to put the Plug-ins for Grasshopper in but Grasshopper can´t work with it. Anybody an Idea?
Thank very much !

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Lunchbox uses a stand alone installer. It does not go into the components folder. You install it the same way you do other software, run the installation file.

Edit: That’s the process for windows

you have to download the .ZIP version… unzip then put the Lunchbox folder in the Grasshopper folder.

…or within Grasshopper… File–> Special Folders–> Components Folder… it will take you to the above location.

@Michael_Pryor… it’s different on Mac (for now?)


This is exactly what I did. I´ve got the Testversion of Rhino, could that be a reasion?

i don’t know… i’ll try it at lunch with V6 WIP…

(in about an hour from now)


but just to be sure @paul.muell

are you downloading the ZIP version of lunchbox?.. it’s from Aug2017

yes Aug 2017

ok… it works in the WIP for me as well but the location is different:

(click on that and it will get bigger :wink: )

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i had already put it in libraries.but not thing happen:disappointed_relieved:

I have the same problem, I do not get lunchbox installed. And I don’t find the plug-ins or grasshopper folder. The track you proposed does not work for me, unfortunately.
More ideas?
Thank you in advance.

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Components folder is the wrong folder. The correct folder is called libraries. Only thing that should be in Components is native GH stuff.

You can get to the correct folder in Grasshopper by going to File>Special Folders>Components Folder which will bring you to the Libraries folder (even through the menu says Components, confusing naming mismatch)

Did you do that?

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Yes, that is exactly what I did.

But if I try to open it, the following message pops up:

The document „lunchbox installer“ could not be opened. Rhino WIP cannot open files in the „application file" format.

Maybe another ending would help?

Thanks for your help!

You need to download the LunchBox ZIP version. This has all of the individual Lunchbox files without the Windows installer.

Try this:

Once downloaded, copy LunchBox.gha and LunchBoxML.gha to your /Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/Plug-ins/Grasshopper (b45a29b1-4343-4035-989e-044e8580d9cf)/Libraries folder.


Great - it works. That means a lot to me.
Thank you so much!

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Hi, so I’m currently trying to install this plug-in on my mac, and I followed the path you typed: /Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0
However, once I enter the “6.0” folder, there’s no “Plug-ins” folder, so then there’s no “Grasshopper”. What should I do in this scenario?


I had the same issue as you.
Open GH and open Components Folder in File/Special Folders and it will automatically open the Libraries Folder, there just copy LunchBox.gha and LunchBoxML.gha. Close GH and Rhino and open it again and it should work.


Hi there!

I’ve tried what you have suggested but I do not have a plugins folder

On my computer it stops at /Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/

is there something I can do to fix this?

Hi @caleigh.macdonald

Try looking in:
/Users/<you>/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/

This is a common mistake. macOS has a “global” Library (pictured in your screenshot above) and a “user” Library. You want the user library (your library).

Another way to get to these special folders (for Grasshopper purposes) is to navigate to File > Special Folders > Components Folder


Thankyou! it worked!

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thank you! it works!!!
it helps a lot :heart_eyes:

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Hello, could someone share a proper link to a Lunchbox for Mac please? I can’t find a ZIP. Thank you!