Lunchbox Plug-In Mac

I would like to ask for an advice, I tried to download the Plug-In Lunchbox on “Food4Rhino” and I have a Macbook. Every time I downloaded it, it came up with the “installer format”.


I dropped it in the folder I used to put the Plug-ins for Grasshopper in but Grasshopper can´t work with it. Anybody an Idea?
Thank very much !

Lunchbox uses a stand alone installer. It does not go into the components folder. You install it the same way you do other software, run the installation file.

Edit: That’s the process for windows

you have to download the .ZIP version… unzip then put the Lunchbox folder in the Grasshopper folder.

…or within Grasshopper… File–> Special Folders–> Components Folder… it will take you to the above location.

@Michael_Pryor… it’s different on Mac (for now?)

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This is exactly what I did. I´ve got the Testversion of Rhino, could that be a reasion?

i don’t know… i’ll try it at lunch with V6 WIP…

(in about an hour from now)


but just to be sure @paul.muell

are you downloading the ZIP version of lunchbox?.. it’s from Aug2017

yes Aug 2017

ok… it works in the WIP for me as well but the location is different:

(click on that and it will get bigger :wink: )