Issues downloading Lunchbox Plugin for Grasshopper


I’ve been having issues with my Lunchbox download. I’ve been able to get it downloaded and the Lunchbox tab shows up in Grasshopper, but only the MachineLearning tab appears.

I’m running Rhinoceros 5.0 with a Windows 64-bit computer. I need Lunchbox for a university class and have noticed through my classmates that this is a common issue across all Windows 64-bit computers, but works for both Mac and Windows 32-bit.

Does anyone know of a fix to this problem? I’ve seen other cases of it documented on the Lunchbox Group on the Grasshopper Forum, but have been unable to find a solution to it.

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I have the same issues :frowning:

I am having this same issue. can anyone share a solution?

Can you try to install lunchbox through Rhino package manager?

solved by using 64 bit version of rhino instead of standard. everything shows up fine now

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