Texture mapping part of an image onto a mesh

Rhino support suggested I post the question here. I have an image, mapped to world coordinates on an horizontal plane (via Pictureframe). I would like to texture the relevant part of the image onto a mesh (rather than texture the whole image, squashed to the extent of the mesh), which is smaller than the horizontal plane. Please could you advise on the recommended workflow?
I’ve attached an example model to illustrate the question.
Paul.Texture_mapping_question.3dm (54.8 KB)

Hi Paul - use PlanarMapping with the plane set to the corners of the pictureframe. Planar mapping (and others) are set in object Properties > Mapping page, or via ApplyPlanarMapping.
Texture_mapping_question_PG.3dm (79.3 KB) (the pictureframe is hidden- your image did not come with the file so I applied my own but to your pictureframe size)