Issue with shadows continuing through an object that has shadow cast off

Hi Guys, Im running rhino 6 and rendering with rhino render.

The situation is as follows - i have an object that has cast shadows on, and another object in front (surrounding) that has cast shadows off. The object casting is smaller and in no way should cast a shadow beyond the object in front.

Now i would expect the shadow of the casting object to stop at the object in front but this doesn’t appear to be the case. it projects straight through as if there isn’t any object present. Shadow doesnt have a limitation.

Is there a setting im missing or have i found the limit?
I have attached an image for clarification

If I were to guess the surface on which the shadow is cast and the casting narrower cylinder are much lower than the larger cylinder. The larger cylinder is so high it doesn’t catch the shadow. The smaller cylinder is also not on the circular surface.

But a 3dm file uploaded here would help more with investigation instead of trying to guess based on unclear image.

Hi Nathan thanks for the speedy reply. All objects are on a flat plane.
The offset shadow is just display quality of rhino render viewport

Hi sorry other file was messy this one is clear - Once you are in rendered viewport you will see the situation
Shadow Casting v2.3dm (116.9 KB)

Right, I see now. You have set the larger cylinder to not cast shadows.

In Rendered mode there is no occlussion of shadows, so shadows are cast on all surfaces that also have Receive Shadows enabled.

So since your larger cylinder is set to not cast shadows you can see the shadow of the smaller cylinder cast through the larger object. This is just how the Rendered display mode works, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Turning on the shadow-casting for the larger cylinder will give you a better shadowing “experience”.

This implementation is true for Rhino 7 as well Rhino 8.

For what it is worth you are on a really old Rhino 6SR13. In the Rhino 6 series the latest is 6SR35 - almost 2 years worth of fixes. If there are no reasons to stay on 6.13 I’d update to at least 6.35.

Okay cheers for the info. Will look into it!