Issue with Flow command

hey there, I attached a file I am having issues with. I am trying to Flow a pattern of shapes along a radius, but I need the shapes to retain dimension on the ends. Terrible description, but if you look at the file, hopefully someone can understand.
66 minnisink NEW.3dm (815.1 KB)

I have the file open, and based on your description I do not understand what you’re asking.

Can you please be more specific with what you’re trying to end up with?


looking at the part on the left, I successfully flowed the linear pattern of shapes along the curved target shape, but the individual “slots” are losing their .25" radius as the pattern gets tighter. the slots should remain to be .5" wide (which they are), get shorter in length as the radius gets tighter (which they are), but I need them to hold the .25" radius on the ends (which they are not). the first row seems correct, but as you move in to the last row, the radius gets bigger, and is showing a radius of .45". Hopefully that makes it a bit clearer?

I see what you are saying @pascal

It keeps the ‘square’ ends much better. Is this going to a water jet or being routed?

its going to be laser cut, the machine doesnt care that the radius changes, its just a visual thing. I need the ends of every slot to have the same .25" radius

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66minnisinkends.pdf (1.1 MB)

Gotcha, Hopefully Pascal can chime in with his expertise, but flowing everything but the ends seems a bit of a stretch.

Probably other ways to do this but here’s a rough Grasshopper solution.

Create Center lines, in Rhino do the flow command, reference the flowed curves and use the Clipper plugin polyline offset to create new slots with similar ends.

re_66 minnisink.3dm (1.7 MB) (23.2 KB)

Install Clipper via Package Manager if something like this works for you.

I don’t see how to win here - the slots are scaled in their entiretly along the length to accomodate the shorter arc at the bottom. You might be able to flow the arcs only, with rigid, then flow the straights and do some trimming.


This looks like a solution for sure! Thank you so much for the help. I’ve never used grasshopper or Clipper, so will have to spend some time learning. But I really appreciate your help

No problem. Things to note would be to Right click the curve component to set curves, also right click to Bake the final results to get them back to Rhino.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I’m going to change the category to Grasshopper, someone might have a cleaner method. (that offset is putting a slight kink in the middle).

i see that kink now. didn’t notice it at first

here’s a better version. A few in the middle failed at .25, better at .24

I used the rectangle on the flow and then did a Fillet on the corners. (35.0 KB)
re_66 minnisink-fillet.3dm (2.1 MB)

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@Zach_Topp is it intentional that the middle of one is not aligned with the gap below it? The pattern is shifted 3 inch while the pattern spacing is 6.5 inch

Attached is a fully parametric approach: (20.4 KB)

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Japhy, THANK YOU! this was exactly the solution I needed. super simple. ended up starting from scratch, re drawing it as all rectangles, doing the flow then lastly doing a fillet on all corners. sending to laser cut now!

66minnisinkcut21323SOLUTION.pdf (1.5 MB)