Command: _Flow

Hi Rhino :grinning:

When I using the flow command, the target shape gets twisted. :confused:
FlowAlongCurve_Knead_1st.3dm (100.6 KB)

What’s wrong with this?


Rotate your curves 90 degrees and the try the command again… Don’t ask me why, I have no idea why it works.

Also, I changed the degree to degree 4 and then used the command Fair to remove the kinks from your curve.

I hope that helps?


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Huk! It works. :open_mouth:

This bug has been there for years. If a curve crosses one of the axis planes, it seems not so easy to handle that plane rotation on every point on the curve. Grasshopper as a fine solution to handle that “twisting plane” problem.

@pascal can we file that as a bug for V6 ?


Hi Clement - I added Knead’s file, and a comment, to the bugtrack item. That item is not public yet due to the files attached…



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