Issue with associations again

3DM is default opened in Rhino6 while RWS (Worksessions) is default opened in RhinoWIP even though it was created with Rhino6.

This is really annoying, put some info in these files where they were created and don’t open the wrong app.


NOTE: default opened meaning double-click open

I just tried opening a .rws file by double clicking and discovered it openned in Rhino 5 which probably indicates how long it has been since I double click openned a .rws file.

Which specific application Windows uses to open a file is determined by what is in Windows Settings for the file extension type, not by information in the file.

I changed the association for .rws in Windows Settings from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 and now .rws files open in Rhino 6.

Nah, @davidcockey,

That is not correct. I am not touching Windows association and I reported similar issue recently with Grasshopper files.

The WIP is taking over associations it should not.

@ivelin.peychev What is not correct? I went into Windows settings, changed the association for .rws from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6 and .rws file openned in Rhino 6.

I also created and saved a worksession .rws file in WIP V7. Openned it by double clicking and it opened sucessfully in V6.

It is possible that installation/update of WIP Rhino 7 could be changing the association for .rws files. However I have WIP Rhino 7 installed and update the installation every week and .rws files are not associated with WIP Rhino 7. So that indicates that installation/update of WIP Rhino 7 is not changing association on my computer.

Perhaps something else is changing the association in your system.

David, I know what it is controlled and if you change it it will open it with the other application. The thing is I don’t touch the associations. It’s all from Rhino6/RhinoWIP installers.

These two installers are fighting eachother for which one to take over the associations that should not happen. It is a bug.

Also, just because on your machine with your Windows version and configurations and user-access something works doesn’t mean it can’t not work on others.

Two different statements here. I am not questioning the first. However the second statement appears to be an assumption. Yes, a very reasonable assumption.

Agree. But it does indicate that it does not always happen.

You could go to Windows Settings, change the association for .rws from Rhino WIP to Rhino 6. Then see if it gets changed back to Rhino WIP when you next install/update Rhino WIP. If the association is changed immediately after the install/update then that indicates the probably cause.

I should not have to do that after each update, though. It is a bug. Or an oversight. That’s why there should be a versioning of some sort for each Rhino/Gh file extensions.

Are you suggesting the file extensions should be .rw6, .rw7, etc instead of .rws as other software does? That could be beneficial and make it obvious which versions of Rhino will open a file by just looking at the file extension. I sometimes try to open a V7 file in V6…

No, I’m suggesting in the binary header of the file to have a couple of bytes showing which application to look for first.

If the file was created with Rhino6 it should look for Rhino6, if it cannot find it then it should look for the next sequential number.

As a matter of fact if you open a 3dm file with a text editor you can see the non-binary strings inside that file and you can see which application it was created with which windows version, etc.

Is the full WIP installer setting Windows file associations?

I don’t think the automatic background Rhino updates mess with file associations but I could be wrong.

A couple of times automatic update failed me. I had to download the full installer.

My understanding, perhaps incorrect, is when in Windows you double click on a file to open it the application used is based on the application associated in Windows with the file extension type. If there is an association set then Windows does not look at the contents of the file. For Windows to look in the file and decide which application to use would require a change to how Windows functions. As I said, I could be mistaken.

@davidcockey is correct - all file associations are based on file extension. There is code in the WIP to advertise that Rhino WIP can open .3dm (and many other) file types. However, there’s nothing that sets Rhino WIP as the default application for anything - you can do that yourself, however.

They certainly haven’t set them themselves @brian, I haven’t.

I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you, sorry.