I can't choose opening rhino files with R6 as R7 is dominant now

Even choosing to open files using rhino 6 it opens instead with R7

When you run a Windows installer, one of the things it does is associate 3dm files to the most recently installed Rhino.
If you run a Control Panel > Programs and feature > Repair on Rhino 6, the Windows File Association will be changed to Rhino 6.

I have 7 different Rhino installed on my tech support computer so using Windows file association to reliably start the Rhino I want is a fool’s errand.

I click the Desktop shortcut for the Rhino I want to start and then choose the file. That always works as it does not rely on Windows File Association.

That being said, the Windows right-click on a file and “Open with…” function should allow the user to choose which version of Rhino they want to use to open the file - as this overrides the Windows file association. However, this has often failed with Rhino in the past and it looks like it is still buggy.

My Right click on a file has all the options:

Rhino 7 is the most recently installed version so that’s the default, but all the other Rhinos are there too.

If there is something buggy, my guess is it with something related to Windows File Explorer Shell extensions and not necessarily with the Rhino installers.
I don’t have any suggestions for sorting that or what the cause might be.

I’ve repaired both of them R6 and 7 and It allowed me to choose between them as supposed to be

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