Associate .3dm with RhinoWIP?

I’ve never been able to set RhinoWIP as the default application to open .3dm files before… it always changes back to…

has anyone found a way to get the WIP version to stick as default?

(not a big deal really… just curious)

that seems a bit of a hassle generally. also having old versions sometimes open the old one asking me a multitude of times if it shall update while i had updated already. what helped is to place the other version in the trash for the time being. i am not sure it if will still work after you take it back out, because i accidentally deleted the version and never bothered installing it again but it at least reassociated to one which is left.

i’ll try that later today.
(move the regular version to trash temporarily).


I have right clicked on one of my 3dm files and changed the default app to the WIP in the Get info window and then clicked the change all button. I go back into my app folder and change the name of the name to something like Rhinoceros X.

I just do it in reverse if I need to change it back.

That seems for me to break the association and defaults to the WIP. Its always worked for me this way.

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thanks @jason
i suppose that would work as well.
i did what @RichardZ suggested which was moving to the trash… then set .3dm files to open with RhinoWIP… then moved Rhinoceros back to the Applications folder.
that did the trick.

thanks fellas.