FIXED - Rhino 7 trial - unable to login to Rhino Account

Dear all, I have installed Rhino 7 in both mac and windows and will surely upgrade to it from my v6 license. I have installed it and opened it in the mac and added the temporary 90 day license to my account; however, I can’t open Rhino 7 in windows! It tells me that I should allow Rhino in my firewall, but I have disabled the firewall and stopped the anti-virus, and the error stilll persists.
(also, when trying to use the license code I received in email, I can’t since it tells me that I have already added the license to my account and that I should login to my Rhino account).

Any insights on how I can solve this?

Not sure what happened. I was connected through ethernet and couldn’t connect to Rhino Account. Switched to wifi and it worked! Then reverted back to ethernet and it worked again … some kind of reset must have happened on my end. Not sure why.