Best method for exporting to excel?

What is the most reliable plugin or method for exporting a bunch of data from Grasshopper to a spreadsheet? either as CSV or xls? I have been using the lunchbox ExcelWrite component but its just too buggy. There are many other plugin options but none seem to have been updated for Rhino 6 or 7.
Any suggestions?

I made this to read csv/excel files and export data, if i have time i will share it.

And you can try some tools available in food4rhino

Yes please share it! It looks really useful. I am trying to export the volume and dimensions of 60 STL files and and Lunchbox is really letting me down…

Extract the zip file to: C:\Users\........\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects
Than restart Rhino

ReoGrid (633.1 KB)

Check the example file + the video to understand how to use it, and don’t close the window until you save the file.

excel (46.6 KB)

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Amazing! Thank you this will save me so much time and effort.
The cells are blank when the spreadsheet opens but I realized I just have to click the “data disabled” button on the far right.
Much appreciation! :pray:

Yes and you need to disable it again if you don’t want receive new data