Best method for exporting to excel?

What is the most reliable plugin or method for exporting a bunch of data from Grasshopper to a spreadsheet? either as CSV or xls? I have been using the lunchbox ExcelWrite component but its just too buggy. There are many other plugin options but none seem to have been updated for Rhino 6 or 7.
Any suggestions?

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I made this to read csv/excel files and export data, if i have time i will share it.

And you can try some tools available in food4rhino

Yes please share it! It looks really useful. I am trying to export the volume and dimensions of 60 STL files and and Lunchbox is really letting me down…

Extract the zip file to: C:\Users\........\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects
Than restart Rhino

ReoGrid (633.1 KB)

Check the example file + the video to understand how to use it, and don’t close the window until you save the file.

excel (46.6 KB)


Amazing! Thank you this will save me so much time and effort.
The cells are blank when the spreadsheet opens but I realized I just have to click the “data disabled” button on the far right.
Much appreciation! :pray:

Yes and you need to disable it again if you don’t want receive new data

I’m lost with it, can you explain in detail , every cell is blank, which button to click, where?

Once the Excel window is open, click on the far right button (the alt text when you hover your mouse over it will say Data Disabled or Data Enabled once you have clicked it)

If the data is not structured correctly, it might not show up properly in the excel window

Many thanks ! I’ll try this

Have a good day