Issue creating frame from non-closed curves


Im kind of lost in a ‘small’ problem. Im almost there modeling my first body shell for a car-simulator seat but can’t see how to make it work correctly.

I split the body’s shell in x to make the frame (and y, z axis too) - but im concentrating on the X slices. I extracted these curves from the body’s mesh and would like to make the profiles to cut the boards and later assemble the model. Example:


I tried a bunch of different ways but keep getting stuck.

  • i need close the curves - doesn’t work.
  • I tried to extract non-closed curves to amend them, extend from end points did work that well…
  • I tried scaling the curve inside and lofting and that didn’t work either. Again non-closed curves i believe.

Additional difficulty is that some curves are closed, some are not to be closed - such as around the cockpit. I can measure end-points’ distance/distance to center to extract them but im not sure the curves themselves are closed. I know there’s the closest point module but can’t see how i can use it to match closest end points to re-create a clean curve. (im sure this is a shatter/point extract and join again - but doesn’t seem to work.)

Then is a headache i can’t imagine, how to recombine the tree of curves and give them a x-thickness (some tree/combine/entwine thing for 2-4 objects among the total count of divisions (still unknown.) (3.3 MB)

Thanks in advance! (3.3 MB)

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wow! Thanks HS_Kim. I’ll be studying that method… Thanks for the effort!

Amazing! So much to learn how to work with curves! And thanks for the merge tip!