[NOVICE] Uneven Isotrim

Hi everyone, I’m a novice and I’m having some issues carrying out a basic exercise found on my manual: I created a surface from a grid of points and I’m trying to divide it in equal subsurfaces through the Isotrim component, but I get uneven segments out of it and I can’t understand the reason why. Enclosed please find the algorithm (you should ignore the green highlighted part, as I used it to transform the grid of points using a point attractor) and the geometry. Thank you all in advance for your help and patience!

Welcome @nm.oliva.

Try to put the rebuild component before the split

Thanks for your help. As I said I just started learning the basics of this, thus sorry for the dumb question: what do you mean by “split”? Also, I didn’t use a “rebuild” component as far as I can tell.

by “split” I mean the trim action itself, just another way to name it. Anyway the surface doesn’t come omogenenous for some reason, in similar situation I solved by rebuilding it with the component rebuild and then apply the isotrim or whichever other component.

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