Isotrim more surfaces equally


I have a quesstion – so, I was watching this amazing tutorial for parametric facades: Parametric Architecture (Schüco Parametric System) - YouTube
In minute 6:40 the speaker mentions lunchbox plug-in and the parametre quad-panel, further it is mentioned that if the plug-in is not downloaded, we can repeat isotrim and divide domain (as we had done before in the tutorial). I’ve tried but the result is not the same as the one shown in the tutorial. Somehow the isotrim gets awkwardly organised throughout all the faces…

I am attaching screenshoots and files.
I tried using item-list and getting independent surfaces but this would already mean that I could not modify the first surface division…

Any ideas?
p.s. I tried to find lunchbox for macbook but could not find it. All the questions related to this from mac users were from 2016…Does this still exist? (4.6 KB) param-facade.3dm (2.3 MB)

Just try to graft your surfaces from dispatch.


good morning, HS_Kim! Thank you, this indeed made the deal.