Isotrim on multiple surface

Hi guys
I generated planes, which are unconnected as shown in pictures, with my scripts then I want to divide each place to be a brunch of square, using isotrim, It worked fine on ‘one place’ but not with this multiple place at once.

Thank youBox (8.7 KB)

Looks like you need to graft the surfaces

Thanks a lot. By the way, are there anyway beside mine to divide surface with specific size? like 1x1m grid on these surface?

What I tried earlier with my previous project was on one surface, and I put UV count on divide component to equal to surface’s width and height.


Box (11.3 KB)

Hey plaowtrakul,

I couldn’t understand the logic at the end of the script - but a little addition to the start of the script will give you close to 1m x 1m - it’s an approximation based on the U and V dimensions - so needs to be used with care. If it’s important to have exactly 1m x 1m, then you either need to:

  • ensure that the input surfaces are divisible by 1 or;
  • start from a specific corner of each geometry and walk along the edges, adding cells to the grid as you go (more complicated).

I hope that helps somewhat.Box (8.6 KB)