Isolate lines parts which overlap


There are 2 components which consists of Lines.
I would like to ‘isolate’ the line parts from List B which overlap with List A.
(for visibility reasons I have plotted the lines below each other, but in reality they lay exactly on top of each other)

Create list C → containing line parts which overlap, ánd start/stop at every line end of list A.


2023-12-08 Isolate Line parts which (4.7 KB)

Note: the solution has to be generic. Meaning it should do the same thing if the lines in component A and B are changed completely.
For this example only lines in X direction are drawn (but its possible use lines which point in all directions),

Any suggestions?


3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Something like this might work, if i understand the question correctly.

Pair up the lines, get the smallest. If you are looking to trim that is an option as well. (11.4 KB)