Remove lines from a list that doesn't appear in another list

(Emmanuelle Vanhaesendonck) #1

I am trying to use ‘cull pattern’, but I can’t find out what I am doing wrong… I have 2 lists of lines, and I want to keep all the lines in list 1 that are also in list 2. So every element of list 1 that isn’t in 2 need to be removed. So I used ‘equal’ but I only have 1 line over, instead of nearly all the lines… Is there another command I need to use for this? Thanks!

(Tim Stark) #2

Without your definition, it’s hard to tell you what went wrong…

Have a look at this: Same problem, keeping lines which appear in both lists.

(Emmanuelle Vanhaesendonck) #3

Hi, thanks for the answer. My gh file is complicated for the moment and not so organized, so showing it would make everything more unclear I think :stuck_out_tongue: My problem actually started when I split lines with a plane, and gh doesn’t split them ‘precisely enough’, so wen splitting I get much more points and small lines of 0,0 en 0,0001 mm then needed… And I wanted to eliminate them again by saying only the lines from my beginning list should still be there. I did now with ‘larger than’ to eliminate those small lines which worked, but I wanted to know if my end lines were still exactly the same as my input, without change of some mm in the length. But I think my explanation makes it more complicated. I will look to put just that part separated in a file to make more clear … :smiley: I am missing some plugins to look at your gh file completely.