Isocurves not visible -- flat faces (solved)

Just dabbling in the wip a bit. I can’t figure out why the iso’s aren’t visible:

I checked all the settings related I could think of…
sample for forum _ iso prob.3dm (880.8 KB)

Seems like I had this issue before in V8 but was easier to figure out…

hmm maybre ‘extrusion’ related?

This is a V8 feature that you can adjust pes display mode. Flat face isos are hidden by default.

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(here you can find the setting)

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ahh I remember now! Thanks! :sweat_smile:

Can’t believe I forgot about this new trick the devs pulled on me, jk :smiling_face_with_tear:

found it grrr! lol

cheers :beers:

ahh so much better :slightly_smiling_face:

hopefully I don’t forget this trick again lol.

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