Isocurve display problem

I’m having a problem with keeping the isocurves displayed in shaded moded. The pictures show a before and after applying an environment map in the surface analysis command. I’d prefer the curves to be displaye but they vanish as soon as the object is reselected.

Hi Denis - is the shaded mode set at defaults? Does Isocurve display turn off in the Display panel when this happens or in Object Properties, or?


Hi Pascal,

Resetting Shaded Mode to the defaults solved that problem.

Many thanks,



How did you like that lynda course?

Very Informative. Some good tips especially about weighting control points.

Glad you liked it! I was the author and appreciate the feedback.

Cool! How’d you get that gig? Are they a good group to work for? They seem to be expanding like crazy since LinkedIn bought them.

They are always looking for experts and a friend recommended me to one of their recruiters. The keys they look for are knowledge of subject matter and delivery. I then did a demo recording and they liked it. My first course was Rhino 4 Essential Training.

Lynda has the best group of talented people I have ever met. They are fantastic to work with.

Actually, they were aggressively growing well before the LinkedIn acquisition. You’re probably more aware of it due to their combined visibility.