Is this Rhinoceros 5 or RhinoGold?

Hi guys, i dont know if you can see the photo or no but i wanted to ask if it is rhino gold or rhino 5.
and if it is rhino 5 is that tools because he have rhino gold or is it plug if it is rhinogold what version.

I think it’s RhinoJewel >>

It looks like you are looking at the Rhino Jewel plug-in running inside of Rhinoceros V4

So it is rhinoceros 5 with rhino jewel plug in? Or is it another program

As stated above: It looks as if it’s Rhinojewel (The plugin linked by @Cyver) running on Rhinoceros 4. If you click the link from Cyver, you can read all about it.


Ow, so he have rhinoceros 4 and rhinojewel and he added the toolbar of rhino jewel to the rhinoceros. Do u think he added rhino gold’s toolbar too? Or just rhino jewel

From the screenshots that I found, RhinoGold appears to change the overall UI of Rhino, not just adding a toolbar. So, solely based on that one picture that you posted, no, I wouldn’t think RhinoGold is involved here.

Screenshots of RhinoGold: version 4, version 5, older version.

So u saying that only rhino jewel’s toolbar was added here


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Computer tip: Use Alt+Print Screen to capture the entire monitor without using a blurry or off-angle cell phone.

You do need to paste the clipboard image data into a image editing app (like PhotoShop) and then save it. Easy.

This is a super handy feature and skill. Enjoy.

If the intention is to attach a screenshot to a discourse post just paste directly from the clipboard. No need to save as a file first.

Im not the one who took the pic

True. Unless you want to crop it, add notes, or save it for later reference.

Educate the person who did?

I will

@wim Rhinogold is probably not involved …but you have the option with Rhinogold to run it in the Rhino GUI or the RG. I have always run it in Rhino. I believe this is still the same with the current RG6 or what ever it is…not sure what number they are up to since Stuller bought them out.

If you have RG4 plugin active in the Rhino GUI it loads a heap of panels on startup by default. Which if you do not want like like me gets really annoying as you have to close them every time you start Rhino.

RhinoGold also usually adds a menu to the top of Rhino…which @Yehuda_Daniel does not appear to have. I removed mine.

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