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I have been watching a few Rhino you tube videos lately for jewelry design and have seen the users have gemstone shapes/blocks. Where can I find these? Is this an add-in for rhino or a different version?

Thanks in advance.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Speculation as long as we don’t know what you have seen but I would guess that this was RhinoGold.


you also shall see this


I was just going to ask this exact question as I too have been watching many of the videos. The viedo I am talking about is by a man named Snayman. Here is a screen shot of his tool bar you can see the various facte cut stones in his tool bar. I too would like to know if this is a plug in something included with Rhino or do you purchase it somewhere.

All my best … Danny

(Margaret Becker) #5

The name is Tj. Snyman. His plug-in is RhinoJewel:

He says this in an earlier video.


I use RhinoGold but was going to have a look until I read it only runs in 32 bit Windows.


Thank you very much I figured someone out there would know what Tj Snyman was using. I have only seen two of their videos and will look for more.

Thank you again

All my best … Danny


I went a looked at Rhino gold but it was not what I was needing and thank you very much for the heads up that it only works in 32bit. My new machine is 64bit so I have to get used to checking prior to a purchase.

All my best … Danny


RhinoGOLD Works in 64 bits too. I am the french reseller of this rpoduct.


Cadlink the thanks for the heads up from lopacki was for letting him know that RhinoJewel is 32 bit Windows only … not Rhino Gold. I run 64bit RhinoGold myself.