Rhino and rhinogold licenses

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner jewelery designer and I want to know more about rhino and rhinogold :

  1. What is the difference between rhinogold software and rhinogold plugin ?
  2. Must I have a rhino license to work with rhinogold or just the rhinogold license ?
  3. Can I buy an used license from an other user or it is not allowed ?


Hello - RhinoGold is a separate product from Rhino, even though it uses Rhino - I would check with


to find out about RhinoGold


None. RhinoGold cannot function without Rhino, it is always a plug-in.

Yes. You can buy a bundle of both, but a Rhino license is always necessary.

Rhino commercial licenses can be transferred if McNeel is informed (there is a form to fill out, contact sales@mcneel.com). RhinoGold commercial licenses should also be transferable, but you need to contact them directly to confirm.


Thank you very much @Helvetosaur

@Ledfa when you run Rhinogold as a plugin in Rhino I think by default it loads it`s own GUI and hides the Rhino GUI.

You have the choice to use the Rhinogold GUI or the Rhino GUI. I prefer the Rhino GUI.

Rhinogold will make a lot of things easier to do…in fact you will be able to do things without understanding how you did them.

That is fine until RG either stuffs something up or cannot do something you want it to do. You will need Rhino (or other plugins/applications) for that. Understanding Rhino will also help you appreciate the things that RG does do well.

Years ago when I was doing the RG online training I found that it assumed you had a knowledge of Rhino but never advised you to go learn Rhino first. That might have changed as I started on RG3 I think. I use RG4 at the moment.

My advice would be to do the free Rhino tutorials first then start using RG. You will then understand better what is possible in Rhino and what RG is capable of doing for you.

There are quite a few Youtube videos online for creating jewellery just using Rhino.

I found I hit a wall very quickly when I just used RG with no Rhino knowledge to create jewellery. I stopped using the RG plugin and went back to learn Rhino properly and cannot recommend it enough.

Good luck.

Thank you @sochin for your response and your advices. Thank’s a lot !

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