Is there some optimise solution for lofting after using Morph 3D paneling tool

Hi, All.
I have my module like this image
Now I am trying to morph it onto a complicated polysurface

After Morph 3D, I kind made it.

The module is transfered into a set of curves to make it work. Till this step I can magage it.
But when I loft every 2 curves to rebuild module, the problem comes out.
It seems I can’t loft the shape smoothly without holes and loft bugs.

So I would like to ask help from you guys in the hope of someone meets the same problems before.
I wonder is there some better pluggins or should I cope with the data tree more carefully?
Any advice is welcomed :pray:
Many thanks in advance !
20210528tower facade.3dm (111.2 KB)
20210528 (44.0 KB)