Is there Setting for Realtime renderer Cycles Sample number?

Is it possible to assign sample number to the realtime renderer?
I can pause it so not so much of issue, but if there is that would be great.

Also if the renderer assignment can be chaged in the Rendering side bar menu that’ll be great.
I just would like to see how the lighting/view and material looks before hitting the rendering button.
Just a quick preview, don’t really care much about the resolution. Just Color/Lighting/View.

Also when rendering in Cycles, not sure where the rendering screen went but couldn’t get it back
and as in below, the side bar menu got all junky.

Yes, there are at least two ways to change the sample count. In an active Raytraced view click on the running sample count in the right bottom corner, in the HUD. Type the new maximum count.

You can also set it in Tools > Options > Cycles.

Is that what you are looking for?



Is the highlighted part in below capture what you mean? currently 1000?

For the normal Rendering via Render button (Preview or the real Rendering)
I don’t might it being 1000 (though I might change it according to what to render)

I was referring to the actual viewport sampling I marked in Blue.
The sampling goes up, though I’d wish to stop it around 2~5 samples when just moving things around.
I tried clicking on that running sample but nothing happened.
Maybe I’ll just type in a number?

-I was able to change it using after pausing the rendering.
But, not it seems even for the normal rendering it is set to 3 samples.

As a wish there should be two setting, one for the viewport sampling and one for the actual rendering.
I think in Blender Cycles you can set differently as the usage is a bit different for the realtime view.

That is exactly what I was referring to. Currently the viewport sample maximum is the same as in the session settings.

That said @andy just this morning notified me that the samples count for viewports will be done slightly different - it will come through the display attributes settings instead of this one-rules-them-all setting. I don’t know yet if I manage to get it done for the upcoming WIP release, but if not this week, then at least next week.

Got it, thanks!
The different attribues would be great.
As long as color/lighting/reflection is about the same personally I don’t mind the
roughness in the session viewport.
Rhino render was quite good in that sense. (If there was a quick viewport change button for session renderer that would be great.)

Agreed. Having it through one setting was more or less a test. It is clear that it needed to be separated.

If possible (I guess it’ll be difficult) when moving things around, panning/rotating
using Rhino Render “as sort of quick way to check the orientation” then when panning/rotating is stopped redering by Cycles start,
or having Shaded viewport while panning/rotating might feel a little better…
Just my view…
It’s a bit difficult to see the orientation sometimes…

By default Raytraced should be dropping back to OpenGL first, then fading in the raytraced result on top of that.


Is that not what you see?

I see.
And yes guess it is what I see. I was selecting Glass material so
was a bit hard to see what was going on.
Sometimes the viewport goes totally white though…
Using Dell XPS15 with GTX1050
4K is probably not helping…

Uploaded video cap and screen cap.
Seems videocap is not going blank, but on the screen it goes blank as in the Screenshot.
So, after cycles renders I’m only seeing blank screen and not the cycle render image.
maybe it’s the driver… I’ll see if there’s an update…

Glass_with_Vaccum_Stem.3dm (245.4 KB)

When I get to it I’ll be adding support for the new PixelSize feature of Cycles, where one can tell a pixel to be larger. This means less rendering on 4k screens - essentially an automatic scale.

I have seen more reports about the screen staying white, but I have not been able to reproduce that yet.

Great! Thanks!