Is there any way to always setting Rhino Render as the current renderer?

Hi, I have installed Vray for rhino, right now I can choose Rhino and Vray in Render > current renderer drop list.
For some reason, I want the Rhino render (the defualt one )always setted as the current renderer when I start use Rhino.
Is that possible to make it?

Hi - The Current Renderer is a setting under Document Properties. All settings in this section are settings that are saved in the 3dm file - as opposed to global settings that are saved to some xml file.
To make a certain renderer always set as the current renderer, modify that setting in the template file that you are using.

Hi~ wim,thank you so much for your reply!!
I try to change a certain template file ,set the current renderer as Rhino Render, and saved it .And aslo use this template file when rhino starts.
But I found it didn`t work when last time I have used Vray .It seems rhino will remmber the renderer I have used last time.
BTW: my rhino version is Version 6 SR21(6.21.19351.9141, 2019/12/17)

Hi again - it turns out that I was wrong about this. This “document property” apparently isn’t a document property after all. I’m checking to see if there is a way to set the renderer at start-up.

Hi - You can add the following line to your Rhino Options > General > Command Lists > Run these commands every time Rhino starts:

_SetCurrentRenderPlugin “Rhino Render”


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Hi~wim,It works!! thank you soooo much!! It really really helps me a lot.Thank you again!!

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Hello Wim - I don’t know if things have changed with R7, but even though there is a “Current render engine” setting in the document setting, this setting is ignored. If I switch to another render engine when working on a file, and save that file, then no matter which file I open after that will have this new render engine, even if that was not the render engine used in this other file.

I just posted a new thread about this in the forum.