Is there any function/script to change nudge size and grid snap

Is there any working script to change grid and snap size. Also, any script to set nudge value so i can make aliases for it.
I do architecture work in which i do House modelling & furniture together that need different snapping and nudge setting.

Those are easy enough to set via Macros. See in the menu tools->options->Aliases. To set nudge values they might look like this:
“! -Options modeling n s 10 h 100 c 1 Enter Enter Enter”

Hello- something like these -

! -Options _ModelingAids _Nudge
_Step=0.25 _ShiftStep=1.5 _ControlStep=.01

! -DocumentProperties _Grid _SnapSpacing=5 _EnterEnd


instead of automatic values, can we input our own values ?

Hello- just end the macro before ‘EnterEnd’

! -DocumentProperties _Grid _SnapSpacing


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