Is there a way to 'warp' a rectangle int a trapezoid

I am using R6 and Win7. I’ve been a long time user of R6 but
never ran into this before. Is there a way to take an already
drawn rectangle and its CONTENTS and stretch or move or somehow
alter this rectangle into a trapeziod (and the contents).

Probably I get the way…use “flow along surface” :smiley:

that would one method, but what is your content? if its a picture frame then simply turn on the points and modify these. maybe rebuild the surface to a higher degree to get better transitions.

if the rectangular circumscribes objects then you can also use CadeEdit

thanks for your suggestion… I am lucky this time, flow along surface would perfectly do the job.

glad it worked out for you. i was thinking about others trying to solve a similar issue which might need a different approach. rhino has a few tools thankfully which all lead to similar results, depending on what you need, sometimes knowing different approaches is helpful to gain best quality. thats why i was interested in your content.

The method you’d raised, i.e. “cage” is one of my favorite tools…however when I want to convert a rectangle and other objects within the rectangle to a trapezoid, “flow along surface” so far as I know is a simple way to do it. It’s nice to chat with you.

you make me even more curious now, still didnt reveal your secret content.

…nothing sophisticated…:smiley: by flow along surface, all straight lines can be kept (although not 100%), whilst by other transform tools, they would become obvious curve…

you can also use cage edit with only 2 control points on each axis

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you are right…:+1:

if you would create the surfaces after you warp the diagonal lines, you could switch on points of the rectangular surface and scale all points including the diagonals with gumball or scale1d from the center at one side, also taper would work then. for existing surfaces i agree with @DiegoKrause

if you need more complex surfaces you could find your way into paneling tools which is part of native rhino now. next step grasshopper of course which paneling tools also are a part of.