Project Curve on Surface (Equal Distribution)

Hiya friends!:slight_smile:

Btw I have a small problem which I couldn’t wrap my head around. I wanted to know the best/fastest possible way to map these 3 little rectangles equally across this unrolled surface.

(Ive attached a jpg if it helps…)

Thanks a lot!!
Rhino_Test 1 Conundrum.pdf (4.5 MB)

Hi Natasha - please post a Rhino file with the objects you are asking about.


Hi Pascal,

Yes sure-here it is! Thank you!!
Test 1.3dm (3.7 MB)

Hi Natasha - do you want the rectangles to deform to be slightly wedge-shaped or should they stay rectangular?
To get either one, I guess the easiest, if I understand what you needf to do, is to use FlowAlongSrf as outlined in the image, just change the Rigid option to determine whether the curves stay rectangular.