Rectangles from non-planar surfaces

Hello All,

I have a series of trapezoids (almost rectangles):

they are coming from a non-planar curved plane:

The problem for me is that the corners of these planes are not 90 degrees, it’s all around 90.8, 90.2 etc

I thought of creating a plane with the surface normal or the frame from the centroid, but it didn’t really work:

How can I replace these trapezoids with rectangles in the same place and orientation? What I’m trying to get in short is the same geometry but with right angled corners. Thanks all!

GH file: (54.8 KB)


Hi Renan
this creates planar rectangles 1.4 x 0.5 units using a c# for shrinking the nonplanar surfaces. ShrinkTrimmedSurface is not included in vanilla Gh. (56.4 KB)
regards Ferry

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This is great! Makes sense. I didn’t know about ShrinkTrimmedSurface. Thank you!