Automatically turn off project in perspective view?

In many cases I will want project on in ortho views, but when moving to perspective I will want it off - in fact this is the case so many times that I feel I’m spending half my time turning the damn thing off and on…
Is there a way to set it off only in perspective view, or rather suspend it when switching to that view, if it is on…?


Hi Tony- none that I know of. The best I can offer at the moment is

   '_ProjectOsnaps _Toggle

on a shortcut key or alias.


Ok - thanks pascal


still in demand and pending…

I was hoping somedays it would be possible to have a setting, which would allow to automatically make “project on” in ortho-views and “project off” in perspective view. I always fall into the trap not reactivating the project mode coming back from perspective in ortho. And already a lot of objects are not placed correctly anymore :frowning:

Big wish for Rhino7!

Regards, MillingGuy