Is there a command to select same shape?

I need a command to select all objects that are the same geometry or shape but might be in different layers.

Meshes and polysurfaces…

trying to do a count on a brick building made with 3-4 different shapes

So all of those bricks are not identical?

At any rate, when you are duplicating objects this many times, you would be better off making a block of each of the unique individuals and use copies of the blocks - for purely performance reasons. The block manager will then also be able to tell you how many instances there are of each.

BTW, what’s up with the music on that link?

done get music on my link…

there are about 4 different types, whole bricks, half bricks, queen closer bricks etc and I need to know exactly how many of each… I am not working with blocks…


It looks like you should be in this context anyway - then you can get count info quite easily.


It doesn’t look like Brian Perry is active anymore, else you could have used this one:

Perhaps someone has something similar. Extending Seldup functionality to find similar objects is a FAQ…

[and thanks for turning off the music :smile: ]