Is there a way to Round Off Dimension Values

I am looking for a way to automatically round off the values of dimensions. One can set precision from none to many decimal places, though, no rounding seems to be available as far as I was able to find out.

Any suggestions, or does it simply seem like a v6 wishlist candidate?

P.S. For anyone questioning my reasons, in architectural drawings sometimes we need to have less precise dimensions than single milimeter units, especially when working with digital survey backgrounds the geometry is a little bit too “untidy” to leave the wild numbers as measured.

Setting the precision in the dimension style should round to the nearest digit according to standard rounding rules… or did I not understand what you want?


Hi Mitch, thanks for stopping by.

I am aware of the precision settings, what I am looking for is to make it work not only for decimal places [0.0, 0.00, 0.000…] but also for the tens, hundreds, etc.
What works now:
An object dimension of, say, 5364.456 could be currently set to display as:
5364 or 5364.4 or 5364.46 or 5364.456
What I am looking for is to display it as:
5360 or 5400 or 5000

Ah, OK, I don’t know of a standard rounding function that does that… all I could offer is a script to convert existing dimension texts to rounded that way…


Such script might be useful till we’d get it implemented into dim styles. Though, it would be great if the script would be revertible, to allow the dimensions work the original way if needed.

Added to the V6 pile of things to consider… thanks.


If that is what you really want, of course I will not stop you :wink:
In the case you describe, and if it were up to me, I’d want it to display as either 5 m or 5.4 m, something you can do with today’s system even if the document units are set to mm. But, by all means…

I have it half-finished, but I won’t be able to work on it until a little later…

OK, here’s a script to try. This should left round dimensions as you like, you can pre- or post- select multiple dimension objects. For number of places, 0 (minimum entry) will just round to the nearest integer, 1 to the tens place, 2 to the hundreds place etc. It will never round to more than the number of digits the dimension has - if the dimension is 123.456 and you specify 5 as the number of places, it will round to 100, not 0. It remembers the last used value in the same session.

To “revert” modified dimensions, just select them and go into the Properties box and press the “default” button.

Let me know how this works for you…



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It works just great. Thanks a bunch, Mitch!
How difficult would it be to add an option of “fives”?
(5364 > 5365
5362 > 5360

Sweet, Pascal, thanks. Is there a public list for V6 I could watch?

I can see your point, wim, though, according to our standards I can use (and am actually using for a long time already) this approach in limited set of cases.

It’s relatively easy to add that for the units place, but if I have to do it globally, it will need a different approach - I think I would have to take the dimension number apart at each place and perform the operation as if it were a number between 0 and 10 then put the number back together.

Easy (units place):
312 --> 310 ; 313 --> 315 ; 317 --> 315 ; 318 --> 320

Harder (tens or more places):
324 --> 300 ; 325 --> 350 ; 374 --> 350 ; 375 --> 400


Units place would do the job just perfectly for me.
I would have no practical use for the harder option, though, perhaps, someone else could.

OK, here ya go… (test it out, please…) :smile:



Works just as it is supposed to.
Thanks a bunch, Mitch.
Have a great day!

Pascal, I can’t find this wish in youtrack. I searched for the URL of this discussion and didn’t find it. Can you please post links to the bugs you add here on Discourse, and also link back to the discussion from YouTrack? That will make finding the discussion and contacting the original poster much easier.