Wish: round off dimensions to nearest 5mm

For large objects I often move my dimensions 1 or 2mm to get the dimension to read to the nearest 5mm. It’s saves time actually remodelling to the nearest 5mm.

It would be great if the dimension had an accuracy option for the nearest 5mm. At the moment we can only choose 1 unit of accuracy. It would save me lots of time adjusting dimensions!


No native way to do this that I know of, but here is a quickie scripted hack for post-transforming selected dimensions…
(5 is default, but you can input a different number or change the script)

RoundDimsToInteger.py (818 Bytes)

Note that all it does is change the dimension text as you can do manually in properties. To revert the dimension, in the Properties box with the dim selected, replace the text with <>

I suppose I can make a scripted “antidote”… But after lunch… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the hack!

Knowing me though I would forget to reinstate the proper dimensions…

Autocad has a round off box in its dimension properties, you can set any
number. Super useful.

A v6 wish maybe?

Yes ! … +1
I too use a script like the one Mitch posted to round dimensions to arbitrary values.
Being forced to only round to powers of ten makes no sense to me … :confused:
BTW … Python’s round() function suffers from the same limitation … makes no sense either … :wink:

Try this …


Ooh, It’s already in 6! Fantastic!!

I just tried it and it seems to work as expected.

Thanks Lowell! :slight_smile:


I cen see it in Rhino 6 and it is a good information. But in Rhino 5 it is not available and I’m doing most of the drawings in this version. Is there a way to round off dimensions in R5?

Hi Grzegorz -

No, there isn’t.