Is there a way to import a Revit RFA file in Rhino?

Here’s the file I need to bring to Rhino.
Furniture_Stools_Plank_Miura-Stool.rfa (976 KB)

I’m not aware of any way on Mac, but there certainly is on Windows, are you familiar with Rhino.Inside.Revit?

I have acces to Rhino on both Mac and Windows, but not to Revit.

Revit is windows only and their .rfa is proprietary, the only way I know of to interact with Revit files is having revit open and clicking or poking it with the API. There seem to be some online converters that claim they can but I’ve never tried them.

Furniture_Stools_Plank_Miura-Stool - ACIS_Solids.dwg (220.6 KB)
Furniture_Stools_Plank_Miura-Stool - Mesh.dwg (182.9 KB)

Here you go Marc, exported to DWG both as Solids and Mesh version.
(and no, there is no RFA import to Rhino, need access to revit to export into anything that Rhino can read)


That’s great Jarek, thanks!!