Is there a way to create abstract wave pattern with grasshopper?

Hello there, I am very new to grashopper, and will be appreciated if anyone can give me a hand. I have recently been asked to create an abstract wave pattern to attach to the ceiling. I would like to create two separate surfaces based on the blue and white areas as shown in the image below (would like to be able to assign different materials), it would be great if I could also adjust the density of the pattern through the slider. Any idea? Thank you.

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you can start maybe with something like this

here some more staring points


Hi Encephalon, thanks for the reply, I will check these out, cheers

I don’t know how to create surfaces from these section curves yet, but this could also be an approach based on the image you posted: (8.4 KB)


nice, could you explain in a few succinct steps the logic behind your definition? like for a semi noob. the only part i see responsible for this noise like behaviour is the random component. but how does this assemble itself to that pattern? also are there parts in there already which are meant to create a surface? its a bit confusing what project and surface are for currently.

He is making a surface by randomly moving points in a grid up and down. Then he slices a section at a specified height with a plane through this “hilly” surface to create the curves.

I subdivide a surface, the points that are being created by this subdivision (I could have used an array of points instead) are randomly moved in z-direction.
These points are being used as the control points for a new suface.
Then I create an intersection with this surface and a plane.

@Michael_Pryor Indeed, it looks bit like the sketch in the initial post. But I don’t know yet how to create the separated regions.
Do you have an idea?

Sure check this:

pattern (14.9 KB)

Switch the filter toggle to decide what is solid and what is void.


Cool! Thanks!

It looks very similar to what I need. Thank you for the help, I will try to understand steps tomorrow. Cheers

Dude, you are amazing, I hope one day I can be as good as your guys… Thank you very much

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its not clear from the drawing what you are trying to make, but you can probably do a digital design in GH that is good enough. The reality of making something like what you are talking about is a very different challenge. I suggest you work out a rough design of the two different “waves” and consider making them in aluminum or something similar. Design the patern and get a laser cutting business to cut them, and then powder coat them in the colors u want.