World Axes Icon: can you change size?


This is not a problem, but more of a tweak I would like to do after I installed some larger monitors. The world axes icon is apparently a fixed size, so it got smaller with the higher resolution. Is there any setting I can access to make it appear larger?


I only know of two settings that you can apply to the World Axes Icon.

  1. Visibility: Tools>Options>Document Properties>Grid>Grid Properties>Show world axes icon
  2. Colour: Tools>Options>Rhino Options>View>Display Modes>(Type Name)>Grid>Grid Settings>World axis icon color usage

Logically #2 is where you would find the size setting if one existed.


Thanks for the reply, but I have already tried those two areas. Changing the color helps a little, but I’d still like to hear from a McNeel staffer. I’m hoping there might be a command line ‘hack’ that would let me modify the size of the World Axes Icon.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Dave- none that I know of, or can remember at any rate … if I can find out different, I’ll post back.



Pascal: thanks for the reply. I think it’s just one of those UI elements that is a fixed pixel size, so it gets smaller and smaller when you use a larger monitor with higher resolution.

I was hoping it was adjustable since the gumball can be modified…

(Margaret Becker) #6

This is on our bug list:


That sounds very cool and thanks for the update! Will it be addressed in an SR or the next full version?

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Dave- that is unlikely to be changed in V5, is my guess.