Is there a way embed Display Modes into a Rhino file?

For sharing files with multiple custom display modes with multiple users, is there a way to embed the Display Modes into the file? or is the only option to export all display modes and import them on each machine?

Hi @Andrew,

You can export display modes individually.

Does this help?

ā€“ Dale

Not actually embed them so they are easily used.
You could export as Dale suggested and I suppose copy the INI file contents to you Notes. Then to use it the recipient would have to be savvy enough to copy the notes and save them as an INI file, then import it to create the named display mode.
Obviously that would be Rhino version specific.

reviving this old request.

Case in point:
We recently had someone leave this project who neglected to save his display modes before he left, and became uncontactable.

All his Layout Details used custom display modes. As soon as the file was opened, all the Details reverted to wireframe. It took quite some time to analyse all his PDF drawings and recreate display modes to match the drawings.

It would be super helpful if there was an option to package up display modes into a folder, just like Rhino now does with embedded images and textures.

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In the meantime, Iā€™d suggest anytime a Rhino operator uses a custom setup like a special display mode, to export it and archive it with the project.