Is there a split-mesh-with-curve common tool?

Hi guys, I am working on a mesh “stamp” tool for making roads etc on terrains and wonder if a split mesh by curve tool exists. Now I make a projection of the curve, extrude that, convert to mesh and split with meshA.Split(meshB) but sometimes I just need to cut the meshfaces with an open curve that doesn’t extend beyond the mesh so it results in multiple results. (Hope that makes sense)

As illustrated here:


Have you tried _SplitMeshWithCurve? Not very pretty results maybe.

Almost _SplitMeshEdge in an automated way (split edge where curve intersects with edge) would be better.

Thanks, but I am looking for a Rhino Common command.
But, I tried SplitMeshWithCurve, and then suddenly all kinds of split faces showed up, and apparently MeshSplit with open curve splits the faces, but it doesn’t show since they are still part of sub-ngons… :

CreateNgons=Yes, but once they show after one split I can turn it off again… so something is a bit fishy. (at least to me…)

MeshSplit with curve.3dm (331.0 KB)